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Maze History
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In 1993 Don Frantz created the world's first Cornfield Maze,
The Amazing Maize Maze
a uniquely
American interpretation of the ancient maze. 
Since then, pathways through cornfields have
intrigued and entertained millions.

First sculpted into a cornfield in Annville, PA, as
an experiment in entertainment, the Maze in Maize can  
now be found in countries around the globe.

Special coverage by world press like PBS, CNN and Discovery,
featured on the NBC Today or CBS Good Morning America 
for seven out of the last ten years,  plus other

local, national and international media coverage
have made many aware of this fun event. 

Now finding the one closest to you will be easier.

Our list will continue to grow as more of these walk-through
puzzles are being planted and sculpted on farms,
parks and fields from Rockefeller Center to Timbuktu.







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