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The Amazing Maize Maze ("AMM") was conceived by Don Frantz in 1991.

After two years of development in the American adaptation of the art of the maze, the first modern 'maize maze' was produced on the Pennsylvania farmland in 1993 and won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

With music, script, interactive audience activities and directions the maze was recognized as a new family entertainment by the media throughout the United States. For two more years the production and operation aspects of the maze and the rules of the game were refined to provide a successful entertainment experience.

In 1995 the Amazing Maize Maze received worldwide acclaim and established new educational and corporate team-building programs. In 1996 the American Maze Company ("AMC") was formed with the goal of 'spreading the word' and bringing the Amazing Maize Maze's unique show to the farmlands across the country. In the summer of 1996 over 55,000 people walked the maze. In the summer of 1997 over 67,000 relished in getting lost in three different corn-fusing farm fields.   Numbers have been increasing exponentially ever since.

The list of  The Amazing Maize Mazes produced, constructed and/or operated by The American Maze Company are as follows:

Year Theme Location
1993 Dinosaur Cornelius, the Cobasaurus Annville, Pennsylvania
1995 Sailing Ships The Golden Hinde, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
1996 Steam Train The Locomotive Labyrinth, Paradise, Pennsylvania
1996 Ford's First Car The Corn Car, Dearborn, Michigan
1997 Horse & Buggy The Path Less Traveled, Paradise, Pennsylvania
1997 Noah's Ark The Promise, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
1997 English Barn The Barn Raising Maze, Lambertville, New Jersey
1998 Fiddle Music Find The Fiddle, Lambertville, New Jersey
1998 Noah's Ark Catch the Rainbow, Paradise, Pennsylvania
1998 Steeplechase Corn Silks, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
1998 Highland Coos The Bull Market, Charlotte, North Carolina
1998 Farm Heritage Sowing Traditions, Rochester, New York
1998 Riverboats On a River of Corn, Princeton, Iowa
1999 California Missions Pacific Mission, Camarillo, California
1999 Lighthouses MAD Hatteras, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
1999 Conestoga Wagon Fredericksburg, Virginia
1999 Erie Canal Erie Corn-al - Rochester, New York
1999 The Liberty Bell Liberty Bell - Paradise, Pennsylvania
1999 Liberty's Torch Torch of Liberty, Pamona, New York
1999 Prairie Schooner Princeton, Iowa
1999 Liberty's Battles Washington's Corn Crossing - Lambertville, New Jersey
2000 Time The Solar System  - Paradise, Pennsylvania
2000 Time Corn Clock - Rochester, New York
2000 Time Aztec Calendar - Camarillo, California
2000 Time The School Daze Maze - Charlotte, North Carolina
2000 Time Farmer's Clock - Princeton, Iowa
2000 Time Relativity - Vernon, NJ
  Time Tree of Life - Lambertville, New Jersey

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